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Pictoo’s Friendly Faces 
(+6 months)

Friendly Faces is a fun, interactive edutainment app that familiarizes your child with their loved ones. Add photos of your friends and family and make everyone a part of the game! Learning Goals include Early Language Skills, Consequentiality, Knowledge of Self & Others and Hand-Eye Coordination.



Pictoo’s NameGames
(+8 months)

Turn your photo albums into an interactive learning game and teach your child the names and faces of the people that matter most. The app fosters strong, early relationships with family and friends, especially those that live far away. Learning Goals include Facial Recognition, Hand-Eye Coordination, Pre-Literacy & Language Skills.


About Us

Pictoo’s Playground™ is designed by PhDs in Cognitive Psychology to teach children the names and faces of friends and family by engaging them in developmentally appropriate activities on the iPhone & iPad. Our edutainment games help children develop important perceptual-motor, cognitive, and social-communicative skills that are aligned with Early Learning Standards from across the country and underlie early reading readiness.

Recognizing friends and relatives at an early age fosters positive interactions between a child and the significant people in his or her life, making the child feel like a valued member of the family. These positive interactions are the seeds of strong, meaningful relationships, which lead to many positive outcomes, such as buffering children from developing emotional and behavioral problems, enhancing social skills, and increasing the likelihood of educational success.

For more information about the science behind the app, click here.


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